Inhabit Your Designs

At IrisVR, we are working on an immersive design and presentation tool that sends SketchUp and Revit files directly into a virtual reality environment. Easily view your 3D models in the Oculus Rift and experience your designs true to scale. Our beta software will be available for download this fall.

47 Maple St., Suite 332 · Burlington, VT

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  • Thread Magazine

    Most college graduates experience at least some sort of a transition period into, for lack of a better term, the real world. For some, this is a few months, to take a breath before jumping towards post-schooling goals. In an increasingly more common scenario, many people find themselves reaching 30 without realizing the vision they had for their lives...

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  • Burlington Free Press

    After weeks of working with mentors to tighten their business plans, budding companies presented their ideas in hopes of winning a $70,000 prize package at Thursday night's LaunchVT competition finale. The victor was IrisVR, run by Middlebury graduates Shane Scranton and Nate Beatty...

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  • Seven Days

    Shane Scranton and Nate Beatty are the first to admit that when they show up at an architecture firm, tiny black briefcase in hand, they're likely to face skepticism from the seasoned designers in the room. Inside that briefcase is a headset that looks a bit like a bulkier version of opaque, black ski goggles...

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  • Truex Cullins Architects

    Every so often a technology product is introduced that revolutionizes our industry. Building Information Modeling. 3D Printing. And now: a virtual reality headset that promises to dramatically change how we share building designs with our clients...

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Current Openings

Unity3D Wizard

Are you an experienced Unity3D developer? Do you know more than just a thing or two about graphics and game engines? We are looking for someone to help us build convincing, realistic representations of space by doing research and development with Unity's bleeding-edge platform. Help us change the way that architects think about the design process and communicate their 3D ideas. If you want to learn more about joining our team, click here.

Engine Engineer

From architects to inventors, engineers to artists, we want to make virtual reality accessible to creators and makers who want to visualize complex ideas and inhabit their designs. To accomplish this goal, IrisVR needs to go live on the web. If you know Javascript like the back of your hand and revel in your proficiency with its quirks, and if you have experience with graphics and WebGL, we want your help. Learn more about how you can build groundbreaking 3D tools for the web and shape the future of the iterative design process by clicking here.

Our Team

  • Shane, Iris CEO

    Shane Scranton

    Creative Founder

    Shane is a designer and 3D generalist with a love for the built environment. While working with architects, engineers, builders, and artists, Shane has explored different mediums for representing clients’ ideas. His passion lies in design visualization, and he founded Iris to create an immersive 3D platform for architecture & design. He graduated from Middlebury College in 2013 as an Architectural Studies & Environmental Studies major. Shane loves coffee, cross country skiing, and an abundant amount of marshmallows.

  • Nate, Iris CTO

    Nate Beatty

    Technical Founder

    Nate Beatty is an experienced software developer and entrepreneur. He started StraboGIS, a firm specializing in mobile geospatial data collection and has experience programming user interfaces for the mass market as well as data crunching algorithms for scientific applications. He graduated from Middlebury College in February 2014 where he studied Physics and Mathematics. Nate is a cyclist, a skier, and when he is not either coding furiously or enjoying the outdoors, he continues his pursuit of science in the kitchen as an artisan bread baker.

  • Ti, CMO

    Ti Kawamoto

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Ti Kawamoto is a self-described technical marketer with an affinity for the tech industry. Most recently, he founded a startup marketing firm, offering consultation as well as delivering high-end creative. In his previous life, he was also a founding team member of a streaming music startup and a video marketing pro at a B2B tech company. His personal marketing philosophy includes having a functional, base-level understanding of all aspects of a business, including software development. As a result, he picked up Java and published an Android game about his cat.

  • Jack, Iris C++ Programmer

    Jack Donovan

    C++, Unity3D Wizard

    Jack is a programmer, published author, gamer, and hip-hop/indie rock fanatic. He likes to create new things.

    Favorite geeky thing: Outer space and the unknown.

    Rather fight: "I'd rather fight a horse-sized duck. Just to hear how it quacks and see if I could ride it."

  • Amr, Iris 3D Designer

    Amr Thameen

    Design, Marketing

    Amr is a graduate of Middlebury College with a degree in Architectural Studies. When he turned 17, he started a journey away from his home, Baghdad, Iraq, as he sought education in several places including Egypt, Hong Kong, The United States and Brazil. He likes soccer, fashion, and bagels.

    Favorite architectural structure: Eames house by Charles and Ray Eames.

    Rather fight: He would rather fight a horse-sized duck.

  • Greg, Iris C++ Programmer

    Greg Krathwohl

    C++ Programmer

    Greg is a software developer from Ipswich, Massachusetts. He recently graduated from Middlebury College, where he studied Computer Science and Economics, competed on the Cross Country team, and explored the Green Mountains.

    Favorite geeky thing:In my spare time I make maps.

    Rather fight:Hundred duck-sized horses - I'm pretty sure I could safely outrun them if it came to that

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